About DGAU



Dreamers! Challengers! We invite you to a beautiful place!

  • Like many of you, I am new to this campus and I am excited and proud to be here.

    With the support of newly organized foundation board, our university strives to provide the better programs to foster the future artists for the 21st century. You will find that this is a wonderful place where diverse programs on arts and exciting developments are a common occurrence. We believe that our faculty and staff are second to none. They care about the students and their artistic development, and they teach because they are passionate about their disciplines and are committed to student success. This university is a place that is well known for being supportive, accessible and welcoming.

  • We understand that a university experience includes not only what happens in the classroom but also around the campus and community. In May 2010, the Daegu Learning Center with the Seokam gallery opened. The gallery hosts the works of promising young artists as well as the masterpieces. The Center, located near Dongdaegu station, represents a step toward the globalization of the University. Student Union opened in 2009, transforming the student experience. This state-of-the-art facility features a fine coffee shop, a lounge and study areas, new office space for student organizations and student government, conference rooms.

DGAU is a place where you can prepare for your future as an artist. We'll do our best to develop your abilities and support your capabilities as an artist. Together we will take full advantage of the wonderful resources that this university has to offer.

I extend a warm welcome to you as we embark on this adventure together!

President Yong Hur