Security Service & Management Drpt.

  • Open a broad choice from guard to security agent and martial art instructor.
    This department purposes to educate specialist in elite guard, security and martial arts who are trained well intellectually, morally, and physically. Students in the department learn various martial arts techniques including taekwondo, judo, yongmudo, aikido, and mixed martial arts. Furthermore, thedepartment supports the students’ employment in the fields of security and martial arts through close cooperation with guard and security agencies, martial arts training centers, and foreign martial arts associations, as well as overseas field trips and exchange of job information.
    Graduates from this department have a wide choice of career including the Presidential Security Service. They may also work as a researcher, airport security agent, security consultant, private secretary, special police unit, martial art instructor, or sports trainer, or study further in graduate school.

Social Sports Dept.

  • Raise sports leaders specializing at least in five events each.
    This department aims to produce sports multi-players by equipping each student with professional skills in five or more events based on various field learning and research and, at the same time, giving theoretical and cultural education. Students can develop high-level techniques usable immediately in thefield through employment programs, lectures based on field training, and sports club activities.
    Graduates from this department can advance to social sports organizations, physical education institutions, physical education research centers, sports media, fitness and obesity clinics, various event agencies, sports management and marketing areas, etc. In addition, they may study physical education or a related discipline further in graduate school.