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Students’prize and award winning and activities

Painting Dept.

Artists selected by Ancient and Modern Arts Association (7) Yong-jun Kim, Gi-yeong Jang, Jae-yong Jeong, Chang-jin Hong, Han-hong Park, Ju-yeong Kang, Mu-woong Yeo

Hanyu Arts Exhibition Grand Prize (Jae-yong Jeong, Ji-mi Lee, Gwang-sik Ahn, Dae-su Kim, Gi-yeong Jang, Jong-geun Kim, Dae-il Yang, Gyeong-hwa Rho)

Sinjo Arts Exhibition Grand Prize (Su-yeon Lee, Seon-mi Kim, Yu-min Han), Silver Prize (3), Bronze Prize (1)

Daegu Metropolitan City Arts Exhibition Grand Prize (Jeong-ik Oh, Woo-sik Kim), First Prize (1), Prize for Excellence (4)

Gyeongsangbuk-do Arts Exhibition - Grand Prize (Dae-geun Lim), First Prize (1), Prize for Excellence (4), Bronze Prize (1)

Gaecheon Arts Exhibition Grand Prize (Eun-hee Choi, Gwang-pil Kim), Special Prize (1)

Korean Jeongsu Arts Exhibition Grand Prize (Dae-geun Lim), Prize for Excellence (1)

Seongsan Arts Exhibition Grand Prize (Jeong-geun Kim)

Shilla Arts Exhibition Grand Prize (Hye-won Cheon), Prize for Excellence (1)

Korean Students Arts Exhibition Grand Prize (1), Gold Prize (1), Silver Prize (2)

Danwon Arts Exhibition First Prize (1), Special Prize

Contents of Painting in Korea Dept.

Korea National Arts Exhibition - Prize for Excellence (Jeong-ho Bae)

Korean New Formative Arts Exhibition Grand Prize (Jin-il Kim)

Yeongnam Arts Exhibition Grand Prize (Dong-jin Kim)

Gaecheon Arts Exhibition First Prize (Hwan-ran Kim)

Peaceful Unification Arts Exhibition Award of the Minister of National Unification (Jeong-ok Jang)

Visual Communication Design Dept.

2009 Time Island Dinosaur Character Open Contest Bronze Prize (Ji-yeong Han)

2008 Maeil Shinmun Advertising Award Gold Prize (Yoon-hyeon Lee and 4 others), Silver Prize (Sang-rok Geum and 2 others), Bronze Prize (Ju-seon Hwang and 3 others), Special Selection (9), Selection (5)

2006 1st Open Contest by Korea Industrial Property Office Prize for Encouragement (Seong-jin Cho, Jae-han Jeong)

2005 20th New Formative Arts Exhibition Prize for Excellence (Seong-gyeom Kim, Jeong-hye Kim), Special Prize (Seung-hyeon Park and 6 others), Special Selection (Seong-jin Cho and 20 others)

2003 1st Maeil Shinmun Advertising Award Silver Prize (Hong-taek Kim and 2 others), Bronze Prize (Sang-bae Park and 10 others), Selection (Seung-jun Lim and 15 others)

2002 Korean Visual Design Exhibition Silver Prize (Hee-jeong Choi), Special Prize (Gi-hong Gwon), Special Selection (Rok-su Kim and 10 others), Selection (Yeong-ju Kwon and 14 others)

2001 Communication International Open Contest Kent Institute of Arts and Design Award (Jun-seok Lee, Chang-su Ha),Special Selection (Jin-sook Hwang and 8 others)


2008 Screened at the 8th Japanese Laputa International Animation Festival, the Part of Panorama Screening

Screened at the 4th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival, the Invited Exhibition of Short Music Films

Screened at the 10th Pucheon International Student Animation Festival, the Contest Part

2005 20th Korean National Illustration Contest Award of the Director of Korean Fine Arts Association (Oh-seong Kwon), Special Selection (Seong-min Lee, Yeong-jin Lee, Yong-hoon Choi)

28th Daegu Industrial Design Special Prize/3D Animation (Bo-bae Eom)

Fashion Design Dept.

2009 Korean Youth Cultural Festival, Colorful Youth Contest Grand Prize at the University Part

2008 19th Hansan Ramie Fabric Fashion Design Contest Grand Prize (Seok-joon Kim)

2006 13th Busan Fashion Design Contest Prize for Popularity (Hyeon-mi Ahn, Hye-jeong Kang), Special Selection (Mi-hyeon Kwon)

2005 12th Busan Fashion Design Contest Grand Prize (Yoo-jin Lim), Prize for Encouragement (Ji-yeong Yoon), Special Selection (Na-hee Lim and 2 others)

17th Hansan Ramie Fabric Fashion Design Contest Grand Prize (Jong-yeong Choi)

2004 11th Busan Fashion Design Contest Grand Prize (Seok-joon Kim)

Architecture Interior Design Dept.

2009 Indoor Architectural Design Contest Selection (Jun-sik Kim)

2008 Indoor Architectural Design Contest Selection (Won-soon and 2 others)

2006 Korean Display Association Selection (In-soon and 10 others)

Indoor Architectural Design Contest Selection (Hyeon-jin Park)

Photography & Film Dept.

2009 17th Advertising Photography Contest Bronze Prize (Jong-seo Kim)

2001 Korea National Arts Exhibition Special Selection (Dae-yeong Yoon)

2000 Korean University Students Arts Exhibition Gold Prize (Cheon-ho Ahn)

1997 Japanese International Photography Exhibition Special Prize (Sang-gil Kim), Chief Judge Prize (Gyo-ho Lee),

Japanese Nikon Prize (Myeong-soo Kang)

Korea National Photography Exhibition Silver Prize (Sang-gil Kim)

National University Arts Exhibition Gold Prize (Gyo-ho Lee), Bronze Prize (Seong Kim)

Dance Dept.

2010 9th National Seonsa Dance Contest, Practical Dance Part Grand Prize (Department of Practical Dance)

2008 Arts and Festival, Autumn <Steal Red>, Seoul Square

2007 17th Daegu Dance Festival, Grand Prize

16th National Dance Festival Silver Prize, Prize for Acting, and Prize for Stage Technology with <Mukhaeng>

Broadcasting Entertainment Dept.

2010 Performed musical <Mama Mia>

Performed musical <Sound of Music> at Geochang Youth Festival

Performed musical drama <A Magic Store>

2009 TBC Daegu Broadcasting Cultural Foundation Scholarship (Jong-seok Lee)

Performed musical <A Fairy Who Stole a Woodcutter’s Clothes>

Screened short film <A Chicken Man> and musical <Mi-sook at the Comic Book Shop>

Geochang National University Play Festival Prize for Best Acting (Mi-ra Choi)

29th Daegu Fine Arts Exhibition, Media Part Grand Prize with short film <Memory and Another Story>

2008 Screened musical <A Midsummer Night’s Dream>, Play <A Good Doctor>, and short film <Memory and Another Story>

Jazz & Commercial Music Dept.

2010 Broad Entertainment Superstar Audition Grand Prize (Seung-joo Bang)

13th Youth Riverside Singing Festival - Grand Prize (Dam-bi Kwon)

Performed at KBS music concert with viewers <Happiness Concert> (Geon Lee)

Jelly Pop Band 1st album release (So-ryang Lee)

2009 Dongducheon Rock Festival Gold Festival at the Adult Part (Dong-joo Shin)

13th Daegu Singing Contest Gold Prize (Min-seok Kim)

Daegu Colorful Festival Performed <Diatonic Fusion Band> (Dong-gyun Lee)

Pohang Youth Singing Festival Grand Prize (Mi-eun Lee)

Piano Dept.

2010 17th National Student Music Concours by Music Association of Korea, Daegu Branch 2nd at the Part of University Piano (So-yeon Lim)

2009 1st National Music Concours by Ubong Art Hall Gold Prize (Tam-na Ha), Bronze Prize (Chi-hoon Ahn)

2008 Music Concurs by Masan & Kimhae Music Association Special Selection (Jeong-bae Kim)

Busan Citizen Music Concurs Prize for Encouragement (Jeong-bae Kim)

Korean Music Dept.

2009 7th Korean Women’s Traditional Arts Contest Grand Prize (Jeong-ae Yoon / Gayageum Byeongchang)

2007 16th National Ureuk Gayageum Contest President Prize (Mi-seon Kang / Gayageum Byeongchang)

2002 Outstanding Leaders of the 21st Century - President Prize (Seung-ok Choi / Pansori)

2000 7th National Youth Korean Music Contest Prize for Excellence (Geum-hee Mun / Gayageum Byeongchang)

1997 New Koreans President Prize (Yeong-gi Bang)

6th National Ureuk Gayageum Contest President Prize (Ji-min Kim / Gayageum)

Social Sports Dept.

2010 Contest for Selecting National Athletes for the Guangzhou Asian Games 1st in 78kg (Rak-won Kim /Selected as a national athlete)

National Karate Championship Contest 1stin 78kg (Rak-won Kim), Bronze Medal in 68kg (Gwang-min Rho), Bronze Medal in 84kg (Sun-bo Kwon)

32nd Spring National University Student Judo Championship Contest 3rd in 57kg Women (Eun-jeong Cho)

2009 63rd National University Field Athlete Contest 1st in Women’s 10,000m (Ji-won Kim / contest record)

5th Korean Open International Karate Championship Contest 1st in Men’s Group

Security Service & Management Dept.

2010 37th National University Taekwondo Championship Contest and 2nd National Taekwondo Pumsae Contest Bronze Medal in 68kg (Seong-deuk Cho)

8th National Amateur Martial Arts Contest for the Flag of Daegu Association Director 1st in Light-weight Adult Women (Bo-yeong Kim)