About DGAU


Healthy university finance and abundant scholarship
Syystematic employment business incubation programs!
Educate all the students into outstanding professionals.

In 2010, Daegu Arts University declares the new start.
As the school is funded by the new foundation of the Segi Group, its financehas become even healthier.
With the vision to produce top-class artists and future leaders, <AU 300 Movement> was launched.

Based on the firm finance and new visions, the university also started <DGAU Talented Education Project>.
In terms of education investment per student and the ratio of scholarship to school fee, theschool is in the highest group among Korean colleges and universities.

Through various programs supporting systemic career management, employment and business start-up, and career selection throughout the period from the entrance to the graduation, the graduates are guided to a moresuccessful career life.

Daegu Arts University is small but powerful.

In the school, all the students can see and feel its fast change and development into a prominent arts university.

  • 아래 내용 참고
    1st year : Self-discovery
    2nd year : Career setting Lever testing
    3rd year : Career management Preparation for career decision
    4th year : Talented education Close career guiding
    Comparison of school fee for arts and sports departments among major private universities in Daegu and Gyeonsangbuk-do
    University : 9,624 ~ 8,532
    Arts University : 8,156
    Comparison of education investment per student among major private universities in Daegu and Gyeonsangbuk-do
    University : 7,440 ~ 4,079
    Arts University : 7,649

3+1 Exchange with overseas universities

Mutual credit exchange with distinguished foreign universities

Can attend and get credits at a sister university in a foreign country for a year