Division of Fine Arts

Contents pf Painting Dept.

  • Acquire various contents and advance to diverse areas of fine arts.
    The objective of this department is raising talented artists with broad and deep contents who can cope with contemporary situations of fine arts actively. Students learn introductory courses on fine arts in the 1st year, understand various media and fine arts theories in the 2nd year, and take advanced courses of their major in the 3rd and 4th years.
    Graduates from this department can work in various areas as a painter, installation artist, Korean paper doll artist, exhibition planner, art teacher, curator, computer graphic specialist, colorist, animator, or fine arts magazine reporter.

Painting Dept.

  • Open the future of artist through sensitivity and passion.
    The objective of this department is educating artists equipped with atheisticsensitivity, subjective will of expression, and outstandingabilities through various individualized visual experiences and trials of expression materials. Students are also provided with balanced theoretical classes directly related to their major practices and creative activities.
    Graduates from this department may enter a graduate school at home or overseas and accumulate teaching career, or acquire a teacher certificate at the Graduate School of Education and work as a fine arts teacher in middle or high school. They may also run a fine arts academy or work as a curator, art director, etc.