Photography and Arts Therapy

Photography & Related Media Dept.

  • Capture opportunities for success in various areas of photography and image design.
    This department lays the base through basic theories and practices on photography, and then teaches advanced courses such as artistic photography, commercial photography, news photography, figure photography, high-tech digital photography, and image design.
    Graduates from this department can be a specialist in various media including newspaper, broadcasting, publishing and magazine, or research and educate photography and image design academically in graduate school. Furthermore, there are many promising fields like production, film library and recently popular studio business.

Art Therapy Dept.

  • Learn art therapy spotlighted in the age of national welfare.
    This department purposes to educate art therapists by integrating arts like music, fine arts, literature and psychology with therapy. Considering the rising level of national welfare, art therapist is a very promising job. Through the undergraduate course, students learn music, fine arts, literature and therapeutic techniques at a level of specialist, and can obtain various certificates related to art therapy.
    Graduates from this department can work as an art therapist at a welfare facility or hospital, act as a researcher at a clinical center or research institute or as a professional art therapy teacher, or study further in graduate at home or overseas.