Performing Music Dept.

  • Develop not only practical skills of the major but also general musical abilities.
    In thisdepartment, students can acquire not only skills in their major instrument but also general musical knowledge and techniques including areography, ensemble, orchestra, and conducting. Undergraduate students have intensive and efficient practical education, and even after graduation they are provided with continuous systematic support for their career development.
    Graduates from this department can act as an orchestra member, ensemble member, private tutor, etc.

Jazz & Commercial Music Dept.

  • Professionals educate professionals.
    This department aims to educate musicians with both popularity and artistry who can lead practical music.
    The faculty and teaching staff consisting of the best musicians are teaching skills and theories.
    Graduates from this department can act as a performer, composer or arranger, or workin various areas including broadcasting, commercial music, teaching, and performance planning/management.

Piano Pedagogy Dept.

  • Learn lesson skills and teaching philosophy.
    The objective of this department is producing professional piano teachers demanded in society through technical training and various new curriculums. Students acquire several certificates and go through diverse technical training programs and field practices at various institutions for easier employment after graduation.
    Graduates from this department can choose their career among piano teacher, professional performer, music organization staff, music company worker, music academy operator, etc., or can study further in graduate school or in overseas.

Contemporary Christian Music(C.C.M.) Dept.

  • Produce church musicians full of skills and spirituality.
    The objective of this department is producing church musicians demanded by contemporary churches by combining practical and popular music and Christian music. As a newly launched department, it teaches general theories and techniques of practical music as well as Christian values.
    Graduates from this department can act as a worship service leader, music pastor, music missionary, CCM singer, professional performer, professor, music academy teacher, etc.