Design Division

Visual Communication Design Dept.

  • Everything visible is an object of creation and an opportunity for success.
    This department is equipped with practice rooms and high-tech equipment and tools available 365 days and 24 hours for supporting future visual designers with passion, and the young and competent faculty gives intensive classes in man-to-man style.
    Graduates from this department may work as a designer for a company, or act as an independent specialist in advertising design, package design, editorial design, book design, font design, illustration, etc.

Fashion Design Dept.

  • Produce future fashion design leaders.
    This departmentaims at raising talented people who can cope sensitively with changesin the global fashion industry and lead the Korean fashion design industry. For this, the department offers practical programs and field-oriented education focused on design, textile, the functionality of apparel, and production system. Design education based on pragmatism leads to the students’ frequent prize winning in various design contents.
    Graduates from this department can work as a designer at a textile or fashion company. If they refine their talent further and work more enthusiastically, they may be able to be a renowned designer with own brands.

Digital Anmation Dept.

  • Leap into a distinguished department specializing in 3D animation
    The objective of this department is producing animation. professionals who would lead the 21st-century visual culture and industry. At this department, students can obtain knowledge for growing into a professional animator including basic practices and theories of animation, motion capture, scenario writing, sound, and programming. Keeping pace withthe advance of 3D images, it provides state-of-the-art 3D education systems, and the faculty with rich experience in 3D production and close cooperation with companies are also the strengths of the department.
    Graduates from this department can act in various areas including movie production, broadcasting, publishing and music. After attaining advanced abilities and experiences, they may run their own business in a relevant area.

Architecture Interior Design Dept.

  • Produce key brains who create stylish spaces.
    Interior designers are key actors who create human-centered living environment and spatial culture. Their future is bright with people’s increasingly high interest in the creative and aesthetic design of spaces. Students learn theories and practices related to materials, colors, furniture, lighting, and display for various types of spaces including residential spaces, commercial spaces, and cultural exhibition spaces.
    Graduates from this department can work as an interior designer, stage designer, lighting director, coordinator, displayer, or decorator. Furthermore, there are many related areas including companies, architectural design firms, indoor design firms, and broadcasting companies.

Beauty Arts Dept.

  • New Make-up for Your Life!
    For the Perfection of Global Beauty Trend
    By providing systematic educational CO-OP type programs for globalized beauty industry, the department produces the best experts in the field of nail art, kin art, make-up art, wedding art, and hair styling.
    Certificates Licences for the related field : General Certificates: hair style, skin care, nail care
    Governmental Licences : hair style, skin care, nail care, colorist, health education
    Civil Licences : nail art, aroma therapy, medical coordination, atopy coordination, scalp treatment, wedding planning, iris psychological counseling, international personality color diagnosis, eyelash design art, skin art